Engineer Shaher AL Nahari office for the consulting engineering planning work according to the standard global engineering and forming effective relationships to get out in the end product engineering serves the individual and society efficiently and in harmony with the surrounding environment him

Our goal

The provision of engineering services and architectural solutions for the client Boslo new and trendy line with customer requirements and with the modern concepts of architecture

With our expertise in project management we have acquired the necessary skills and specialized in the fields of "Architectural Design outer and inner, planning and shop drawings, schedules, specifications, contracts management, site supervision," We seek to achieve customer expectations, both in the design of the project or his administration with the coordination with and oversee contractors

Connect with us

  • Address

    Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

  • contact numbers

    +966 12 641 0003
    +966 55 411 1157
    +966 55 858 1799

  • E-mail
  • Times of work

    Saturday - Thursday:

    9:00 to 02:00

    5:00 to 10:00

    Friday: official holiday

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